Instar Community Services open new peer support, transitional living facility

Instar Community Services
Instar Community Services
Instar Community Services
Posted at 12:59 PM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 20:59:49-05

HELENA — A new all-male recovery home has opened in Helena. As soon as you walk into the home, there is a sign (pictured above) honoring a veteran.

“This sign is to honor John Scott Hannon,” says Michael Accardi.

John Scott Hannon served in the Navy for 23 years before retiring, as a highly decorated Navy Seal, to his family and home in Helena. His service to our country is forever honored in our community and newly in this home, that formerly housed 12 veterans at a time in transitional, recovery living. One addiction counselor candidate says the facility will make vets tackling tough issues feel comfortable.

"I am a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, my addiction issues sent me to prison and when I got out, I was completely homeless,” says Marvin Coleman. He is about 300 hours away from completing his Addiction Counselor certification and works with Instar Community Services. “When I heard about this house, I was really excited because it's a venue for veterans to get some help that they need without the stigma."

The 12-bed facility was recently purchased by Instar Community Services. It still serves to help our veterans while also helping other men in need of recovery.

"It feels great to be able to provide a much-needed resource to this community. We have a huge gap in aftercare, in the state of Montana I feel," says Accardi, a Certified Peer Support Specialist with Instar.

Instar Community Services states that out of millions of folks out of correctional facilities in the country with health issues. Only 11% receive aftercare and that is still not all.

"Because of COVID, we have seen an increase in people's mental health needs and increase in addiction. So, what better time to be able to provide this facility to people," says Accardi.

Although the facility recently opened, two men have moved in and Instar already received five more applications.

Instar Community Services are scheduled to host an open house of the facility February 25th, 2021.