Kids learned STEAM skills by building go-karts

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jul 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-21 11:14:54-04

HELENA — On Thursday, July 20, kids from Discovery Kidzone got some help learning about complex machines.

“They learned a little bit about gear ratio and how to placement of gears in motor can make something go faster or slower. they also learned that vehicle is called a complex machine because it has more than one simple machine in it,” Stephanie Scott, the owner of Snapology said.

Scott taught all of this and more to the kids by helping them construct their own motorized go-karts.

The kids were tasked with assembling, testing, and modifying their own karts.

One key point was learning that the placement of the different-sized gears would cause their karts to move faster, or slower.

Scott said one of her favorite parts is watching the kids’ reactions to their finished machines.

“Just the pure excitement and joy of watching it work and watching it all come together,” Scott said.

Snapology focuses on teaching kids ages 2 to 14 any STEAM skill.

Science, technology, engineering, art or math.

They offer over 80 different programs kids can experience.