Knuckle Buster Obstacle Challenge returning to Showdown

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Posted at 10:10 AM, Jul 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-07 12:10:20-04

NEIHART — The Montana Vet Program is gearing up for another year of the Knuckle Buster Obstacle Challenge. This year's event will consist of a 3-mile run over Showdown Montana's iconic ski slopes with 15 to 20 obstacles.

Knuckle Buster Obstacle Challenge returning to Showdown

The event is going on its fourth year. Luke Urick, who came up with the event said the idea is to "show people how to suffer."

Urick said, "I ran a spartan race, and thought 'I could do this.' Being a part of the Montana Vet Program, we needed some way to generate revenue for our program to be able to take vets to the back area of our country.

He added, "In doing it, we give people the opportunity to train for an event that's going to make them better and put that carrot out for them to go chase and self improve."

Scott Moss is also a member of the Montana Vet Program. He said an event like the Knuckle Buster is great for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone.

Moss stated, "the benefit of the event is the physical conditioning leading up to it. The camaraderie the day of, running with friends, and meeting new people as you run through the course, getting a hand from a stranger to get over the wall. There is also the high that comes from completing it. That feel good portion at the end where we're looking back at an accomplishment, that's a benefit in itself."

The event is more than hurdling through various obstacles while learning to work as a team. It is also learning about The Montana Vet Program, which started two years ago with a small group of people that went into the Bob Marshall Wilderness to heal hidden wounds of war. Organizers have seen the program not only help veterans but also their families.

Urick aims to make this event an opportunity for people to know what the Montana Vet Program is all about, while at the same time, having the opportunity to build relationships with fellow participants.

"The event is high intensity, but it's not meant for high-end athletes only," Urick said.  "It's meant for anybody who's willing to take on a challenge, push themselves and see what they can do. One of the cool things about taking on a challenge such as this, is you've always got it in your back pocket as one of those challenges you were able to overcome. When you're out, living life and dealing with adversity, you always tell yourself, 'I can handle this because I was able to do the Knuckle Buster. It's definitely high intensity, but it's also fun."

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