L&C County MVD announces a new, online appointment system for titles and registration

MVD online appointment schedule
Posted at 4:41 PM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 11:10:41-04

HELENA — The Lewis & Clark County Motor Vehicles Department is hoping their lines can move a bit quicker with the announcement of a new online appointment scheduling system for titles and registration. You can still go in-person or call to schedule an appointment, but this new online system can make appointments further out.

“We're rolling that out. So, it's slow right now but we do have six weeks available at one of our windows and we're slowly getting more of them on," explains Amy Reeves, the Treasurer/Clerk & Recorder for the Motor Vehicles Department.

According to the scheduling website, when you click the service needed, it shows four windows available, as of October 23rd, 2020. More importantly, it shows the specific documents to bring to the appointment. Amy hopes this scheduling system will clear time on the phone.

“If you're online, scheduling your appointment, we don't have staff calling you back,” says Reeves. “So hopefully, it will open our phone lines up so that when people are trying to call in, it would give us more time that we're not on the phone. Right now, we're constantly on the phone calling all of our customers back that have called in trying to make appointments."

As of October 23rd, Motor Vehicles says they are using resources from other departments to help with phone calls. Although scheduling online is preferred now, if you do leave a message by phone, you may have to wait two weeks for a call back.

"We are still very, very much backlogged. I'm hoping that, as time moves on, that we can get to our customers quicker, that's the huge part about the [online scheduler]."

The Motor Vehicles Department have hired four additional employees. The department is now at full capacity and they hope this, along with the online scheduling system, will help alleviate some customer service issues.

Vehicle registration renewals can still be done online or by walk-in.

To visit the online schedule system, click here.