LCHS looks to answer if cats or dogs are the better pet in friendly fundraiser competition

Fundraiser to determine if cats or dogs make better pets
Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-16 11:03:25-05

HELENA — Since time immemorial, civilized man has been divided over one topic. Which are the better pets, cats or dogs?

The Lewis and Clark Humane Society (LCHS) is looking to help answer that while also supporting the animals in their care with “Paws VS Claws.”

The animal shelter had to cancel their “Wine for Whiskers” fundraiser this year due to COVID. In its place they’re holding a crowdfunding event that is guaranteed to be a bit polarizing.

“We are doing a friendly competition that has been put in place to replace our annual Wine for Whiskers event because obviously we can’t be together in person right now,” said LCHS Director of Development and Communications Cassidy Cook. “We have decided to create a friendly competition to kind of determine once and for all who’s the favorite companion animal, cats or dogs.”

LCHS Paws vs Claws fundraising challenge

Wine for Whisker is one of LCHS’s key fundraising events, usually bringing in more than $25,000.

Whether a person enjoys a snuggly kitten or loyal pup, they can sign up online to join their preferred team and challenge others to make donations as well. People are also encouraged to make subteams and challenge friends or coworkers to make their own. There is also a link for people to donate if they don’t want to pick a side.

At the end of the fundraising event a winning species will be crowned, but all dollars will go supporting all of the animals that come into the care of LCHS

The COVID-19 pandemic has made fundraising a challenge for many nonprofits. Yet even with virus the responsibilities of the LCHS continue to be needed every day. Strays and owner turn-ins are still common and several animals in the past nine months have had serious medical needs, which can be costly.

“We’re here everyday taking care of them and it’s still just a very much needed service. I think that sometimes people forget about that,’ said Cook

Dozens of cats and dogs come through the doors of LCHS every month that need a home. More information on how to support their mission visit the humane society’s website.