Lewis and Clark County monitoring areas for potential flooding

Spring run-off
Posted at 4:26 PM, Mar 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-15 18:26:41-04

HELENA — Lewis and Clark County is monitoring several areas in the Helena Valley for surface runoff and water on county roads. The recent warm weather and freeze-thaw conditions coupled with snowfall has led to snow melt filling drainages, ditches, stormwater retention ponds, and flowing in some areas onto county roadways.

County Road Crews are actively working to clear frozen culverts, place warning and traffic control signage, and monitoring road impacts. Drivers should use caution and follow signage in areas with water on the roadway.

With warm temperatures in the forecast, surface runoff will continue to affect areas of the Helena Valley. Property owners are advised to monitor their property and clear out private approach culverts when needed. Lewis and Clark County cannot clear out private culverts unless the surface water is affecting public roadways and infrastructure.

Roadways that are being monitored include:

  • Norris Road/Applegate Drive
  • Upper Trout Creek
  • Head Lane/Franklin Mine Road
  • Cedar Valley Road
  • Rimini Road (Peso)
  • Silver Creek Road
  • Darter Road/Applegate Drive/Prairie Drive
  • Lake Helena Drive/Lewis Street
  • Prairie Drive East and West
  • Diehl Ranch Drive near Canyon Ferry Road
  • Spokane Ranch Road East
  • Chevalier Drive
  • Birdseye Road/Echo Drive
  • Green Meadow Drive/Woodland
  • Montana Ave/Bridge Creek

For more information contact the of Public Works Roads and Bridge Department at (406) 447-8031.