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Bozeman hairstylists adjust to doing business with face coverings

Posted at 11:10 AM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 13:10:49-04

There’s been debate as to whether face coverings are effective or not in fighting the COVID-19 virus. The CDC says they are, especially when it comes to situations where close contact isn’t avoidable.

“What I do is I have them take their finger and wrap their strap so that it keeps it sealed here while I’m working around their ear,” said Beckie Paakkonen, the owner and stylist at SuperNatural Hair Studio.


Paakonen has been doing hair for over 35 years. But, this is a year unlike any other.

“Some of them have said if there ever is a lock-down again, I hope hairdressers are considered a necessary service and that we don’t have to close our doors again,” Paakkonen said.

The CDC recently sent out a picture saying two hairstylists, with Covid-19 spent at least 15 minutes with 139 clients between the two of them. Everyone wore face coverings, and no additional people were infected. This incident was NOT in Montana, but it did stop a potential outbreak from happening in that state.

"What we’ve been told by our state and by our government is that is has proven proven to slow down the COVID virus, so it’s something that we should definitely be aware of and practice daily,” she explained.

For this stylist, she says she’s fortunate enough to work in her own studio where she can limit her clientele and sanitize even more.

“I do have a separate space that I can see guests and because I don’t see a lot of guests a day, I have time to sanitize everything before somebody else comes in,” Paakkonen said.

And though it doesn’t make up for the time lost, this stylist is hopeful for her business’s future.

“Once I was able to get everybody back in and keeping everything safe, I knew that my business was going to be fine,” she explained.

Businesses do have the right to refuse service of any kind if people refuse to wear a mask.