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Bullock urges Montanans to take action as state hits record high COVID-19 cases

Bullock urges Montanans to take action as state hits record high COVID-19 cases
Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 12:28:04-04

Gov. Steve Bullock said he understands that Montanans are tired of COVID restrictions but reiterated Thursday in Billings that people need to keep wearing masks as case numbers statewide hit new record highs.

“I, like so many Montanans, I’m tired of this (holds up mask). I’m over COVID, my kids are over it, but the virus isn’t, and we know what we have to do,” Bullock said after a meeting at RiverStone Health.

reacted to the record high COVID-19 case numbers for Montana statewide and in Yellowstone County Thursday afternoon.

Bullock said the actions that people take today will determine what happens in the future with the virus. Montana reported 429 cases Thursday morning, a new state record, and Yellowstone County also hit a single-day high of 93 cases.

Bullock also acknowledged John Felton, Riverstone Health CEO, and other health care professionals around the state.

“They are working damn hard. We individuals have to take that action because I don’t want to see hospitals stress, I don’t want to see continuing death numbers,” said Bullock.

Bullock said that since people are going to be spending more time indoors due to the weather and the flu season is approaching, people need to take the necessary actions to avoid another record high day for COVID-19 case numbers.

“I’ve always known Montanans to really care about their neighbors and care about people they don’t even know. It's these steps that we can take right now that will dictate what this looks like here in Yellowstone County and across the state two weeks from now,” said Bullock.