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Butte commissioners considering guidelines to regulate Airbnb, temporary rentals

Reports of rowdy guests prompted concern
Posted at 3:07 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 17:07:21-04

BUTTE - More residents in Butte are opening Airbnbs or renting rooms out of their homes.

One commissioner thinks it’s time the city considers adding guidelines to this business.

“And I think it’s our duty to consider the benefits of this growing rental market, while preserving local culture and keeping local businesses and residents from being outpriced or burdened from this industry,” said Butte Commissioner Shawn Fredrickson.

Fredrickson got the idea after receiving complaints about rowdy guests at an Airbnb in his neighborhood.

“And we had no way of really getting ahold of the owners to resolve the issues,” he said.

The guidelines would include a licensing fee, regular safety inspections and fines for those who rent without a proper permit.

One Airbnb owner in Butte said she’d like to learn more about these proposed guidelines and know what purpose they would serve.

“If there are true issues that are happening and are not being addressed I would love to know about them, because maybe there are things that we could implement in our space to make it better,” said Airbnb operator Sarah Borduin.

And those in the Airbnb business say it’s a good thing that this industry is growing in the Mining City.

“So if they come through Butte, they’ll buy breakfast here, they’ll buy dinner here, they’ll go and see the Mining Museum, they’ll take a hike, so I think it promotes tourism also,” said Borduin.