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Butte may need to raise more money to guarantee second flight at airport

Posted at 2:37 PM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 16:37:17-05

BUTTE - United Airlines estimates it would need $1 million in guaranteed revenue over two years from Butte before it would consider adding a second flight from Bert-Mooney Airport to Denver.

This more than the $380,000 Butte’s Tourism Business Improvement District, or TBID, was asked to raise. TBID officials are planning to send a survey to those in the hospitality business to see if they are willing to pitch in more money.

“We’re going to be contacting our hoteliers, our owners, to find out what their thoughts are on extending it and possibly what their thoughts are on increasing the assessment to $2 versus $1,” said Maria Pochervina with TBID.

The Airport Authority Board is still in negotiations with United and no contract has been established.

‘So, as soon as we do get that contract, we will know a little bit more of the final details, but I very, very confident we will expand air service in Butte-Silver Bow,” said Stephanie Sorini with the Butte-Silver Bow Chamber of Commerce.

TBID officials say that shelling out a little more for a guaranteed revenue to get a second flight out of the Butte airport would be a benefit to the economy and the hospitality industry in Butte.

“We’re going to want to continue to grow air service into this community so we can go ahead and prosper,” said Pochervina.