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Car crashes into shed, destroying Bozeman woman's heirlooms from late husband

Posted at 3:20 PM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 17:20:51-04

A Bozeman resident thought it was going to be a normal Friday night, like any other, until he got a knock on his door from law enforcement and walked outside to see a shed in the yard destroyed.

“It was about time to go to bed, so my wife started getting some bottles ready for the baby right by the kitchen sink, which looks out onto the drive and a highway patrol man knocked on the window and wanted to talk to her,” explained Charles Woodgerd, who currently lives in the home.

Just before that knock, a white Audi crashed through a fence and smashed into a shed on the property. A shed that held valuable things from the homeowner’s late husband.

“It’s very, very emotional. That shed had all of my late husband’s construction tools in it that are now damaged, ruined,” said Nancy Blazicevich, the homeowner.

The Montana Highway Patrol confirmed they are currently investigating the incident, but cannot release details because the driver is a minor. But for the homeowner, the damage has lasting effects than just the damage caused to the shed.

“It’s just really hard knowing that my youngest son, who was supposed to get these tools, now has damaged tools from his dad.”

No one was injured in the crash, but the homeowner says it could have been an entirely different incident.

“I’m just hoping that he learned from this that he not only endangered himself, his two passengers, but if he would have hit the back of the house, where those two girls were in bed, he could have killed them too. He got off really, really lucky,” Blazicevich said.

MHP is investigating whether alcohol played a part in the accident.