Columbus celebrates day of giving

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Posted at 9:42 AM, May 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-08 11:43:59-04

All across Montana this week, giving has been celebrated.

On Friday, the Columbus Community Foundation held a party at the Stillwater Pavilion.

The Columbus Day of Giving has been around for six years, and this was the first year for a big party.

"You have the salsa band that's here, John Roberts y Pan Blanco," said Marissa Hauge, the foundation's president. "I know we they have quite a following. What's awesome is our treasurer on the board actually went to school in Malta, knows these guys and we got them here to play for us tonight."

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The fundraising has been happening for several days.

"It's a great party," Hauge said. "It's a celebration after a week long of really working hard to raise funds. We just want everybody to come out, enjoy, have fun. It's crazy how many nonprofits are in our small community, but they work so hard. So we have 18 of them here today represented. There are silent auction items sitting around on their table so people can come and bid on those all working towards that awesome funding.

"Not only do we want to raise money to grow our endowment, so that we can be here for Columbus today and here for Columbus tomorrow, the next day and for generations to come. But we also kind of act as a leader and director of the, you know, community and all the nonprofits if they need help and training, learn how to build a strong board, stuff like that they come to us for those type of things and we're able to help them get speakers in here, help them grow the capacity within their organizations."

"We really listen to the community and ask them what they need, turn around and respond to that."

Hauge said the foundation raised $106,000 last year, the goal this year is to surpass that by the midnight deadline.