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Downtown Bozeman businesses see a boost during Cat-Griz weekend

Cat-Griz takes place every other year in Bozeman
Posted at 2:39 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 16:39:34-05

The Cat-Griz game takes place every other year in Bozeman, which means every other year, local businesses see a weekend with lots of action.

“Insanity! 100% insane. It is wall to wall Griz fans, Cat fans. Everyone. Griz fans pay double,” said Myra Uribe, a bartender at the Cannery in Bozeman.

“Especially this morning, like before the game, just trying to kill time before they have to go in and get all ready for the game and stuff” said McKayla Carlson who works at the Montana Scene downtown.

“It’s definitely been a little busier here.”

The influx of people in town during Cat-Griz weekend inspired some businesses to get creative and take advantage of the busy weekend.

“I reached out to some of the local bars here to see about shuttling people back and forth to the game,” said Bryan Batchelder.

Batchelder owns Let’s Go Adventures Tours and Transportation, a transportation service in Bozeman.

This weekend, he offered free shuttle rides during the Cat-Griz festivities, while also spreading the word about his business.

“I wanted to offer a free, safe way to get to the game so there’s a lot less drinking and driving, and that’s obviously important to this community,” said Batchelder.

Downtown businesses said that busy foot traffic usually dies down during the game.

But win or lose, things usually pick back up quickly after the game is over.

“I think this afternoon when the people are coming back to town. That’s when my partner and I are going be really busy,” said Batchelder.

And a big win at home means extra Bobcat pride downtown and plenty of celebrating.