Family honors Billings Burn The Point organizer

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Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-04 11:11:07-04

Burn The Point is now in its 20th year, and, after getting canceled in 2020, it comes back Friday night.

The start of the 2021 parade is a tribute to Don Brocopp, who died in May.

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"The black '57 (Chevy Bel Air) was his pride and joy," Ron Duty said about his friend, Brocopp. "He built that with a big block and he just had a ball. It was probably the first car that he built that he was so really proud of. We went to a lot of car shows and they won a lot of stuff."

Duty said the '57 chevy, a '56 Chevy Bel Air, a '57 Chevy Nomad and a 1932 Ford, all built by Brocopp, will be at the front in his honor.

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"Stuff that he enjoyed that he built for his family and the grandkids and that meant a lot to him," said Duty. "And that's what they all are. They're gonna have four cars lead the parade and they're all his. It'll be his family and wife, and those cars and a few friends to drive out there. That's what starts the parade off tonight as a tribute to Don and it's a big deal."

Brocopp burned the point during his high school years in the 1950s.

"It was right there in front of the Babcock," Duty said. "And you turned at where the roasters are at, and you went down the next block and you went and kind of made like an eight, like a big circle around a two to four block area."

Brocopp and Duty worked together on cars for many years, and on Burn The Point since the early 2000s.

"Don and I just loved having Burned The Point," said Duty. "The parade was probably the biggest thing that we've ever enjoyed. You get to see five, 600 cars. And the people, it's fun to watch. It's a big deal. It meant a lot to him. You can't ask for a better friend than we had here. And he was really involved in the community, big time done a lot for downtown Billings.

The 20th Burn the Point runs on the normal parade route, starting on Third Avenue North and North 27th Street, turning on North 32nd and back down Second Avenue north.

It all starts at Friday at 6:30 p.m.