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A Waiting Child: Josha

Posted at 2:52 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 16:52:04-05

This month's A Waiting Child is 15-year-old Josha who is a fun-loving teenager who excels in the classroom.

The Flathead Valley teen loves academics, playing her ukulele and expressing herself through school programs.

“Academically I’m involved in choir and theater I really appreciate those programs, for me I’m not very athletic so I think having those programs really helps me kind of express myself," Josha said.

She excels in the classroom where her favorite subjects are English and science. “Personally, I want to become an anesthesiologist when I grow up so I think especially science, that’s going to be very important for me."

She is looking for a family that will allow her to keep her independence, but also push her to achieve her dreams in and outside of the classroom. “Someone who is going to be there to push me to achieve my goals and not let me slide back, hold me accountable to my actions," Josha said.

She picked up a love for reading as a small child, she hopes to strengthen that passion in her new home.

“A really big thing for me when I was a little kid, I’ve kind of fallen out of it recently. However, now that I’m kind of getting back into school and everything like that I’ve kind of reopened that passion for reading," Josha said.

She is open to having siblings and loves playing with animals, especially cats, “I love cats, they’re like one of my favorite little things, I love dogs too but for me preferably cats.”

Josha also loves hiking and playing outside when weather allows and cooking a warm meal in her free time.

Contact Dawn Stuber Daem at (406) 496-4982 if you would like more information about Josha.

You can contact the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services for information about adoption and/or fostering at 1-866-9-FOSTER (1-866-936-7837). Children who are available for adoption through the Child & Family Services Division of the DPHHS have been removed from their own families because of abuse, neglect, or other family problems that make it unsafe for them to remain at home. The rights of their parents have been terminated making the children available for adoption.

Who May Adopt? Either married couples or single adults who have an approved pre-placement evaluation or adoptive home study may adopt in the State of Montana.

How do I get a home study? If you live in Montana, you may begin the process by contacting your county office of Child and Family Services. If you live outside of Montana, contact your state or local office that provide these services.

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