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Flathead emergency services warns about high river levels

Flathead emergency services warns about high river levels
Posted at 4:01 PM, Jun 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 14:01:28-04

Emergency officials in the Flathead are warning people that river levels are high and to take caution.

Lincoln Chute with Flathead Valley Emergency Services said that the rain from last weekend's storm brought river levels up to around 14 feet deep.

Many of the low-lying areas near these rivers are flooded.

He explained that when river levels get high, the water rushes fast, is extremely cold and can make the banks of the river soft.

Chute says people need to take special precautions if they're by these high waters.

"So, you really need to be conscientious. Don't drive through running water you can't tell how deep it is and the strength of the water could push a car off of a road that's one thing," said Chute.

"Another, if you're just out to see the high water, stay back from the edge because it could be undercut and you don't know it and it all of a sudden collapses."

Chute adds that if someone were to fall in the water, they'd put their lives and the lives of emergency crews in danger. He added that water rescues are difficult because of the strength of the river's current.

Chute says that the water levels are currently not threatening any structures.