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Glacier Clothing Company receives one thousand tents to give to those without a home

Posted at 3:06 PM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 17:06:40-04

Bob Upton, President of Glacier Clothing Company told MTN that REI sent his company hundreds of tents, hoping Upton would re purpose the tent material.

"REI gave me a call. They wanted to keep some tents that they were going to get rid of out of the landfill," said Upton.

Glacier Clothing company typically screen prints apparel, but Upton wanted to give back to those in need during the Coronavirus outbreak.

He explained to MTN that the first round of tents were used for a homeless camp in Bozeman.

Executive Director of the Samaritan House Chris Krager explained to MTN that public spaces are closed due to Coronavirus concerns, which makes it even more challenging for those without a home.

"The library is closed, most of the restaurants and eateries, places where normally bathrooms can be accessed are closed," said Krager. "It just makes everything difficult."

Upton is offering almost 1,000 tents for anyone struggling to find shelter in the Flathead Valley.

"If there's anyone in the Flathead Valley, if there's anyone that needs tents," explained Upton. "They should give Glacier Clothing a call."

He says, it feels great to give back.

"We're trying to do whatever can, to help whoever we can," said Upton.

If your organization is looking for donations please email sales@glacierclothing.com