Kalispell man donates over 16,000 masks to Flathead community

Posted at 11:02 AM, Sep 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 13:02:35-04

A Kalispell man is giving back to the Flathead community by offering free masks for anyone in need. He's already donated thousands of masks and is looking to do more.

Kalispell resident David Tiet saw that his community was in need of face masks -- which were hard to find -- at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The last 18 years I've been in the valley, said Tiet. "The community supports me a lot and my business. And I think, we have to go through this together."

Tiet told MTN News that at the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine his businesses were shut down.

So, he started sewing masks himself to give back to the community.

"I bought a sewing machine and we fabric and we made masks, he said. "Back in April, we were able to give to our community about 4,000 masks."

Once the lockdown was lifted and his businesses opened up, he still wanted to help.

He told MTN News that he ordered a large shipment of reusable face masks and donated over sixteen thousand to local schools, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies.

A huge portion of the money he makes at his various businesses like Foxy Nails, Bamboo Espresso, and Bamboo Hut goes back into purchasing more masks for the community.

Tiet's friend and business partner Rick Wheeler explained that Tiet truly just wants to give back and help.

"I've seen him give away more masks than he sells," said Wheeler. "I mean, it's just incredible. You know what the funny thing is? Usually, when you do something like this you would want to be the one delivering them. He doesn't want to deliver them. He has me doing all the deliveries. So, it looks like I'm the one giving the masks away. But in reality, David is a good guy."

David has another kind act. He's giving away two free masks on Saturday in the Kalispell Center Mall to anyone who needs one.

Tiet wants to thank all of his employees and his family and friends for supporting him and his mask business.

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