Northwest Montana Veterans Food Pantry in need of workers

Posted at 3:26 PM, May 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 13:52:40-04

KALISPELL — The Northwest Montana Veterans Pantry is in need of workers.

Cinnamon Davis Hall, the community outreach coordinator for the pantry, says this opportunity to work with veterans is a humbling experience.

“You get to visit with them, but then also helping them out to the vehicle and so you get to do a lot of peer support and visioning and camaraderie, and that's what the pantry is based around,” said Hall.

The positions are available are clothing intake and sorting -- which is a paid job, while the other is food intake, which means you can help veterans pick out food, and bring the boxes to their vehicles, and that position is unpaid.

But Hall says that working at the pantry you have a unique opportunity, "I get to visit with my veterans, and I get to thank them for their service."

As well as hearing their personal stories, "just listening to their stories, and visiting with them is just awesome for me."

At the pantry everyone is welcoming and supportive, "you'll find out that it becomes a family and we all love each other and care about each other as a family,” said Hall.

You can find more information here or call Linda Erickson at (406) 756-7304