Fork & Spoon rescues 1,600 pounds of food from Bozeman restaurants

Pay-what-you-can restaurant cooks up rescued food
Posted at 2:20 PM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 16:20:30-04

Last week, the Fork & Spoon in Bozeman was able to rescue 1,600 pounds of food from being thrown out, which will be turned into tasty meals for their services.

The Fork & Spoon is a pay-what-you-can restaurant that serves homegrown food from scratch, for people of all economic backgrounds in the community.

Many local restaurants in town had lots of extra food in their 'fridges due to the coronavirus outbreak and dining services restrictions.

So that fresh food was donated to the Fork and Spoon for people needing a warm meal to enjoy.

“A lot of the restaurants had to go through a lot of their closures or had to go down to takeout. They had a lot of product as they were coming into the spring seasons that they had just purchased,” said Leah Smutko, Fork & Spoon Head Chef. "And so they contacted us, they contacted the food bank saying we need a place to give all this otherwise we’ll have to throw it out.”

Fork & Spoon is still offering pay-what-you-can meals, however due to social distancing guidelines, they are now operating as takeout only.