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Fitness equipment in high demand during stay-at-home order

It's hard to send equipment if shops are closed.
Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 15:11:04-04

With not much to do in isolation, people are turning to fitness equipment to stay active during quarantine. However, getting equipment is proving difficult.

“With our Governor’s press conference, we are considered “non-essential.” So, basically what that means is that we are unable to deliver or offer curbside pickup,” says Dillon Ewals, the Retail Operations Director for Better Body Fitness of Montana.

Being that these fitness equipment cannot be delivered poses another problem, what happens to the customers that need the equipment for health conditions?

“When you have people who require workout to rebound from surgery that they’ve had or keep their diabetes in check, we can't cater to that. So, it's definitely a bummer because our vision and our goal is to help people lead an active lifestyle in the comfort of their home,” says Ewals.

Better Body Fitness says they’ve had over 50 inquiries for equipment that they cannot complete. The company also had to furlough about a dozen employees. They understand the closure but do not understand why they cannot deliver as other industries.

“We’re able to deliver alcohol to somebody, which is a known depressant, but we cannot deliver something that helps maintain their health, both mentally and physically,” says Ewals.

Better Body Fitness says they already have a plan in place to prevent the spread of the virus when delivering equipment, if their business becomes available for deliveries or curbside pickup.