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Touchmark resident turns 100 on Easter and gets a parade

Jean Davis got a police and fire parade .
Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 18:42:32-04

A Touchmark resident turned 100 years old on Easter 2020 and to celebrate, firefighters and police gave Jean Davis a parade display.

Davis is familiar with pandemics as she was born towards the end of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1920.

After retiring, Davis spent 26 years volunteering with AARP as a tax preparer aid. She also spent 12 years volunteering at St. Peter’s Hospital as a photographer of newborn babies, a job she loved very much. In 2017, she moved to Touchmark where she met old friends and many new ones. Even during the pandemic, Davis still connects with her family through her iPad. When asked for her favorite moments in life, this is her answer.

“Getting married is one of them that always sticks around with you and coming to Montana. I was originally from Ohio and went to California during the second World War and met a very nice cowboy, sailor from Montana. That ended me up in this beautiful state and I’m certainly very grateful for that,” says Jean Davis.

Davis says she is also grateful that she can still drive and touch her toes. Happy birthday Jean!