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Vintage market visits Helena

Janie Scheben, the founder, admires vintage items.
Posted at 4:44 PM, Feb 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-02 13:28:05-05

With this red truck comes vintage items in the Helena Civic Center, but these items are more than just vintage to Janie, they are her passion.

“It’s kind of admiration. Old things that are still function, it’s a nostalgic thing for me. My grandparents’ farm house was full with these kind of things,” says Janie Scheben.

Janie owns Little Red Truck Vintage Market. She tours around western Montana with her 1966 Ford, cherry red truck to display and sell vintage items. Booth spaces are also sold to vendors with similar products.

“These old pieces tell a story and have lived a life and are ready to serve their next family,” says Janie.

These old pieces motivate Janie. She works Monday through Thursday with an endodontist and spends her weekends putting together these markets and attending auctions. Janie also manages a booth in an antique mall in Missoula, where she currently lives.

“It’s just always kind of been part of my person. It’s my hobby, it’s my love. I just really enjoy it. It is not a job for me,” says Janie.

Janie began this hobby in 2014 with her red truck and hasn’t looked back. She organizes all the markets on her own and encourages others to follow what they love.

“And if you are selling something you love, you will be much more successful than if you sell something that you just think is a trend. You’ll always be better off selling something you love,” says Janie.

Below is the full schedule of the vintage market:

  • Missoula - April 18th, 2020
  • Butte - July 25th, 2020
  • Missoula - September 5th, 2020
  • Missoula - December 11-12, 2020

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