University of Montana cancels trip due to Coronavirus

Posted at 8:06 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 10:06:19-05

The University of Montana will be cancelling a class trip planned for China in March due to the coronavirus.

An upper level class through the University was scheduled to do course work here on campus throughout the semester and then take a trip to China, Hong Kong and Macao over spring break.

While the students are continuing their course work professors from the program are working to find a way to make up for the cancellation.

Currently the University of Montana and the Montana University system has been monitoring state department recommendations while also monitoring the current status of the Coronavirus in China and across the world.

UM officials say that for now just one trip is cancelled but more cancellations could be on the horizon.

"We do have some other trips that are scheduled to go in May and early June that are likely to be impacted unless there is a dramatic change of events related to the coronavirus so certainly disappointing for those students who were planning to travel," Communications Director for the University of Montana Paula Short said. "Hopefully for some of them if they are not graduating seniors they will get another opportunity in their college career to complete that trip."

Short also said that they are fortunate to have Curry Health center employees who have been through health epidemics like the ebola crisis.

She said those employees can offer a unique perspective on how to plan and deal with the coronavirus outbreak.