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Montana Business Hall of Fame inductees honored Wednesday

Passion, belief in what you're doing, and focusing on your present job.
Posted at 2:34 PM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 16:34:49-05

Passion, belief in what you're doing, and focusing on your present job.

Those are some of the words of wisdom discussed by this year's Montana Business Hall of Fame inductees.


MSU Billings celebrated with an induction ceremony on Wednesday at the Northern Hotel.

The business school honored three people:

  • Marilyn Bartlett, CPA and health administrator for the Montana Department of Administration.
  • George Selover, a Billings car dealership owner and philanthropist.
  • Larry Simkins, president and CEO of the Washington companies.

"With all the opposition you get, which there was a lot of opposition and still is, to understand where that opposition's coming from, to be respectful but don't lose sight of where you're headed,” Bartlett said. “And you're going to take some tough hits but to know you're doing the right thing and stick with it."


"Well my experience was go to somebody, talk to them, and don't do anything other than we can do things for you and then prove that,” Selover said. “Really great to be able to show somebody something and have them say, that works."


"We were talking about that with some students,” Simkins said. “The importance of preparation and hard work. The importance of mentors. And the third thing we talked about was just being present for whatever it is and being in the moment for whatever it is, whether it's a business meeting or something with your family."


The MSU Billings College of Business runs the Hall of Fame, which also brings in scholarships for students.