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On the second week of her disappearance, friends and family gather in Billings for Amelia Brooks

Posted at 10:21 PM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 18:13:05-04

On the two-week anniversary of Amelia Brooks' disappearance, a small crowd of friends and family members of the 22-year-old gathered Tuesday at Two Moon Park in Billings for a candlelight vigil and to ask for her safe return.

“We’re just lighting some candles in prayer of her safe return and in hopes that she sees this and knows that she is loved and knows that nobody is mad at her and we all care about her and we just really want her safe," said Whitney Leonard, cousin of Brooks.

Brooks was last seen on Oct. 13 in the area of Coraline Street in the Billings Heights between the hours of 5 p.m. and midnight. She has brown, bleached hair, braces and was last seen wearing black yoga pants and an oversized tan jacket. Brooks has a music-related tattoo on her left collar bone and a tattoo of a semi colon on her hand.

102720 AMELIA BROOKS.jpg
Photos of Amelia Brooks last seen in Billings on Oct. 13.

Leonard said Brooks went missing after an altercation with her housemates. The area she disappeared is near her work at a nearby gas station. The family is still searching for more information.

“We’re still pretty much at a loss. We thought we had some stuff, but it just turned out to be, as leads happen, they were just accurate and they were not the truth. So, we’re basically at ground zero," Leonard said.

Leonard said Brooks has mental health issues with depression and people should call the police if they see her.

“If you see her, please don’t try and communicate with her. She might not be in her right mind. We don’t know the circumstances. She may not be able to communicate with you, we just don’t know. If you see her or have heard anything, please just call the police," Leonard said.

Those with information on Brooks's whereabouts are asked to contact Billings police dispatch at 406-657-8200.