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Parents encouraged to make Halloween game plan ahead of time

Posted at 11:28 AM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 13:28:20-04

The temperatures we're starting to see might make Halloween night a better time for a snowman than a pumpkin — but one thing's fore sure, it’s going to be cold.

Just how cold?

“You know, Halloween is one of those holidays where it can be horribly cold and snowy or it can be very mild. Most of the time it’s somewhere in between. Normally, we should be in the 50s for highs that time of the year. But this year, it seems to be turning a little colder,” explained KBZK Chief Meteorologist Mike Heard.

While everyone is urged to use extra caution on Halloween night, it’s not the trick or treaters that concern health officials the most.

“I think the biggest risk of disease transmission is going to happen among adults and among people who are a little bit older who are going to be at those parties and potentially not masked and in close contact,” explained Matt Kelley, the Gallatin City-County health officer.

Three-year-old Kerry Kilty may be too young to fully understand how COVID and cold weather might affect her Halloween night, but her mom Amanda is adapting.

“We’ll make sure that she has fleece underneath her astronaut outfit, and she’s got her snow boots, and she’ll have a warm hat under her astronaut helmet,” said Amanda Kilty. “She’s so excited about holidays this year, and so we’ve been quarantining, so we’ve been really nervous but we’re going to maybe go to a few houses in our neighborhood and bring some tongs and she has a mask with her costume and glove."

There's still a little time before Halloween, so you have just a little bit of breathing room to decide what you’re going to do that night.