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Pink Panther: Billings boy wears pink all October

Posted at 6:33 AM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 19:27:51-04

BILLINGS - Breast cancer warriors come in all shapes and sizes, including one Billings boy who is taking a stand by making a statement.

Echo Jamieson sent photos to Q2 of her son, 9-year-old Jesse, who wore pink everyday in October last year in support of breast cancer awareness.

Why does he do it? Jesse says, "to warm people's hearts maybe? Probably make them think about cancer awareness. Maybe inspire them to try this too?"


Jamieson said her son plans to do it again this year, and his passion is catching on.

Jesse made a special request to his school principal, Clay Herron at Ponderosa Elementary, to paint the school mascot statue pink.

"His class, when they were coming in really knew they were like, 'oh it's for cancer awareness, it's October.' I think a lot of those kiddos knew due to Jesse being in their class and he explains why he has the shirts," Herron said.

When students show up to school on the first day of October on Tuesday morning, they'll be greeted by an eight-foot panther statue, painted pink.

Jesse hopes says he plans to grow his tradition just a little more every year.