Protesters gather in solidarity outside of Billings Police Department

Protesters gather in solidarity outside of Billings Police Department
Posted at 6:14 PM, May 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-31 12:24:57-04

BILLINGS - Protesters outside the Billings Police Department Saturday chanted "I Can't Breathe" in remembrance of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota Monday.

Rallies have sprung up across the country in the days since, with a group in the Magic City Saturday morning entering the conversation.

"George Floyd, say his name. George Floyd, say his name," was one of the messages to be heard outside of the station.

Protesters were wearing shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe” printed on the front and holding multiple handmade signs. The event came together pretty quickly, with two friends proposing the idea because they did not want to wait until next weekend, when another protest is scheduled to be had, to take a stand.

Organizers say the protest is not anti-cop, but pro-justice for those affected by police brutality.

"We tell our children all the time that they can dream big and be anything they want in America. That's what we're supposed to tell them. That's what we want for them. That's what we hope for. That's what we fight for them to do whatever they want in this country, but it's kind of discouraging when you see a man get killed right in front of my children, your children. Everybody saw that," Billings resident Shawana Walker said.

Walker is a recording artist, and mother, who hopes to use her platform to raise awareness of issues.

"In order for us to get to a place where we can be who we really want to be, and be successful in this country, we've got to get to work. We've got to get to work," Walker said.

Organizers said that they were pleased by the turn-out, and how many different groups of people came together peacefully.