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Red Lodge citizens show support for law enforcement

Red Lodge citizens show support for law enforcement
Posted at 12:22 AM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 18:15:08-04

Citizens marched through Red Lodge to show support for law enforcement on Sunday night.

The American March Parade started at Lions Park and went up and down Broadway Avenue.

American March Parade5.jpg

Some marched and some paraded in vehicles to support the Red Lodge Police Department, the Carbon County Sheriff's Office and the military.

"We're just all super excited to be here." said Katie Moldenhauer, one of the march organizers. "We definitely want to make sure that our cops feel loved and respected and that they're supported here in this community. Reminds me just of our military and our law enforcement and everybody. They just need so much support right now because they're fighting, sacrificing really, for our freedom."

Organizers estimate 872 people participated with 200 vehicles.

American March Parade3.jpg

"It's breathtaking really," said Moldenhauer. "I just pulled out onto Main street and just saw the line of cars, everybody marching. I just started crying, so it's very surreal."

"Excellent, it was amazing," said Marie Olson, also a march organizer. "When you inform people and they see what they have to lose as far as their freedoms and defending the police and their safety, people come out in the end and support that."

The women are also part of the Carbon County Republicans and some had flags supporting President Trump.

Moldenhauer says the march is non-partisan.

American March Parade1.jpg

"Walking downtown peacefully, showing our support for America and how much pride we have in America," Moldenhauer said. "As long as I think that we can stay positive and move forward and just let them know that we just want to back the blue. We're not here to do anything that's going to harm anybody."

Moldenhauer said the march reminded her of Fourth of July celebrations in Red Lodge.