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School starts at MSU Billings and Rocky

Posted at 2:42 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 16:42:50-04

From kindergarten to college, the first day of school is a special time. Students started at Rocky Mountain College and MSU Billings on Wednesday.

There has been a lot of activity and excitement at both campuses with many learning about the schools and getting into their new routines.

To help at MSUB, "speed friending" brought together some of the new students.

Other activities have been done and are planned for students to get used to the campus.

The last few years, about 4,400 students have started the year at the main campus and at City College.

Already some activity at Rocky Mountain College, Montana’s oldest college.

More than 1,000 students started classes in Rocky’s 141st year.

Rocky students came to Billings from 31 states and nine countries this year.

The first day of school is special for students and for those working at the schools.

"Every fall, you never get tired of it, though, brings in a new group of students,” said Kim Hayworth, MSUB vice chancellor of student access & success. “And they're experiencing college for the first time and so there's that same sense of anticipation, excitement, enthusiasm that they bring to the campus."

"The most exciting part is the start of the school year, means all things are possible,” said Brad Nason, executive vice-president and dean for student life at Rocky. “There's all sorts of potential in the students in the institution, in our sporting teams, in the research our students are doing. And it's an exciting time to launch all of that. It's that potential that sits out there ready to be tapped."

MSUB and Rocky will have more exact enrollment numbers in about two weeks.