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Tow truck drivers ask for safety

Posted at 3:09 PM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 17:09:56-04

Slow Down and Move Over. That's the message from tow truck drivers to the public driving by crashes.

The Yellowstone Valley Tow Truck Association held a first responders awareness program in the Rimrock Mall parking lot on Sunday.

Tow truck drivers are considered first responders alongside the emergency crews.

"Slow Down, Move Over" also helps law enforcement, fire and ambulance crews.


The law requires slowing down at least 10 miles per hour when there is an incident on the shoulder of the road.

Move over means to change lanes and not drive in the lane right next to an emergency.

According to the association, every six days in the U-S., a tow truck driver is killed.

"Sometimes you almost feel them brushing against your back if you're not paying attention," said Don Blyton, president of the Yellowstone Valley Tow Truck Association. "We've had operators here that have been hit in the back by mirrors. They've gone home with no injuries but they felt it. 'Tow Truck Ahead,' 'Accident Ahead,' 'Emergency Scene Ahead.' They're all the related. That means there's somebody up there working. If you can't change lanes, then that's when we really appreciate the slowdown because it gives us time to react. It gives you time to react."


The Rimrock Mall will host another event called "Local Heroes First Responders Recognition" on Monday at 6 pm in the center court of the mall.