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Truckers help other truckers during winter storm in Butte

Posted at 2:48 PM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 16:48:33-04

BUTTE - The winter storm that pounded the Butte area caused one truck driver to end up stuck in a ditch.

“My wife just texted me and said ‘You need to slow down.’ I got to call her and tell her what happened, so I’ll be ok,” said Utah truck driver Joey Melfi.

The blast of winter weather hit the area Tuesday evening and continued into the next morning, making driving condition tough for even experienced drivers. Fortunately, Joey was able to get help from his fellow truck drivers.

“This one here, that’s the one who saved the day; he just randomly stopped. Truckers helping truckers,” said Melfi.

Fellow Utah driver Justin Johnson said he didn’t want to pass a stranded driver.

“I was just driving past and seeing him trying to get him out of the ditch and they’re both empty and figured they could use a loaded truck and get more traction that way,” he said.

Traffic was slow going on Homestake Pass just east of Butte as snow continued to pound the area all morning.

“It’s just solid ice out here. The rain froze and then it snowed on top of it. It’s dangerous out there right now,” said Melfi.

But they keep on truckin’.