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VIDEO: Hikers encounter grizzly in Glacier National Park

Posted at 11:06 AM, Sep 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 13:06:47-04

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stay bear aware.

Viewer Dulé Krivdich shared this video of a bear encounter in Glacier National Park taken near Hidden Lake on Sunday afternoon.

In a Facebook post, Krivdich writes he and his wife were hiking up after visiting Hidden Lake when a grizzly came through the treeline, down a meadow, and on to the trail below.

He says the hikers on the trail were unaware of the bear headed their way so they started yelling warnings.

Hikers encounter grizzly in Glacier National Park

"One yelled back 'what do we do?' 'Just start making a lot of noise! Don’t run!' But just then, the grizz made a bluff charge and we saw people booking it like we’ve never ever seen before in our lives. Even in the Olympics. ...Thank goodness that it all went well afterwards," Krivdich's post read.

While the bear charged at one point and the people ran, no one was injured and the grizzly eventually went away. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks strongly advises against running because it can trigger a natural predator-prey attack response.