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Habitat for Humanity taps Missoula refugee family for home

Posted at 2:39 PM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 16:39:15-05

Habitat for Humanity recently announced the two families who will be receiving next set of homes.

One of those families came to the Missoula as refugees from the Congo and now will get to live out the American dream in the community they love.

The Lumona's are a family of six that came to Missoula from the Congo three years ago as refugees.

Now, thanks to Habitat for Humanity, they will own their first home and lay their own roots down in the community -- achieving one of their dreams.

“One of their dreams is to own a home here in Missoula. They are really connected with our community, they really want to stay, but home ownership is hard," said Soft Landing Missoula Deputy Director Molly Cottrell. "So, this is a great opportunity for them to have a path towards home ownership and to be able to really put roots down in the community here."

It's an opportunity that the Lumona's -- and one other family are receiving -- because they fit Habitat for Humanity's criteria.

“It’s based on the need for a home, but also readiness. Because home ownership is a dream that a lot of people have, but not everyone is at a point of their life where they can take that on necessarily," explained Habitat for Humanity spokeswoman Hannah McDaniel. "So, there is a financial component. The family that we partner with actually purchases the home for an interest free mortgage."

The Lumona's are now eagerly awaiting their new home.

“They are so excited. They have four little kids, they just need space to ride a tricycle around, have a yard of their own have space of their own, so I think that this is just a wonderful opportunity for them,” Cottrell said “And they are really just grateful and excited.”

Habitat for Humanity hopes to have the Lumona's in their home by next year’s holiday season. The organization still needs to select the location of the Lumona's home which will be the next step in the home building process.

They are currently finishing up this year’s two homes and hopes to have those families into them by December.