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Montana Ag Network: 'Charolais Cooking Classic' raises money for mental health

Jody Alise Foundation
Posted at 2:38 PM, May 22, 2023

DUTTON — If you spent any time in or around North Central Montana, the DeBruycker name is one you can find in almost any community.

Jody DeBruycker Dahl, founder of the Jody Alise Foundation, has a goal to raise awareness and create resources in rural communities across Montana.

The family name weaves in and out of the prairie and Jody herself has lived in Choteau, Dutton, and is currently in Roundup.

In conjunction with her well-known family beef operation and her brother, Brett, Jody is partnering with DeBruycker Charolais to welcome in an inaugural “Charolais Cooking Classic.”

“A private Montana chef who is absolutely acclaimed and unbelievable, some delicious Charlotte beef and raised money for a good cause,” exclaimed Dahl.

The idea behind the event is all of the proceeds go to the Jody Alise Foundation which then gets funneled back into Dutton, Choteau, and Roundup communities to start.

“We’re starting small to ensure the funds don’t get lost and spread too thin.” She went on to add, “20% of youth in America have a behavioral, mental, developmental obstacle that they must overcome. If we can help that youth now, they can have happier, more enriched lives as adults.”

Within the DeBruycker Family tree, there are about 43 grandchildren, and the backbone of the family is the children. Jody, alongside her family, wants to help the younger generation fight the tight grasp of mental health.

“My mom instilled that in all of us, all of our children, all of us kids to, you know, try to, you know, care about your common man,” explained Brett DeBruycker, Dahl’s brother.

The Charolais Cooking Classic is a virtual cooking class that is hosted by Chef Shelley Meyer and Chef Daniel Cox from Bozeman.

“Blackened Charolais New York strip with a shallot herb compound butter, cherry pan sauce. Then I'm going to make a twice-baked bacon fat potato.”

Cox, a chef in Gallatin County has been working with the DeBruycker Family to educate consumers on how to create high-quality meals out of the Charolais product.

“I think sourcing is huge, but not only just sourcing, the steers and the cattle are raised here in Montana. They're also fed and finished on Montana-raised grain. It really does make for a much healthier animal when it's raised in Montana, finished in Montana, and on Montana grain. It's incredible.”

Cox has long been a fan of Charolais Beef. According to Rancher Brett, the Charolais breed provides the producer with more weaning weight. Cox appreciates the animal, because it’s a larger animal, less waste fat, and it has what he believes an equal marbling and texture as Wagyu.

Charolais is a high-quality cut of beef at an affordable price from the rancher down the road.

For Cox, there was no question he would participate in the program as it was pitched to him.

“I'm a dad of three young kids, and it really did hit home for me. It was a no-brainer when they asked me to take a step further from just doing the tutorials to now, would you want to be the featured chef for this for this fundraiser? It was a no-brainer.”

“This event is meant to join together, connect, collab bright and come together for a really great cause,” Dahl explained.

“Jody is one of the most giving people I know,” Brett shared about his sister, he went on to add, “I think what she's doing with this mental health aspect, trying to raise money for her Jody Alise Foundation and helping young people with some, mental health struggles if they need a little help getting through. I think it's real admirable and I'm proud of her for it. I look forward to helping her.”

The Charolais Cooking Classic will take place virtually on Sunday, June 25th. For $99.00 you will receive all you need to prepare a classic Charolais dish.

For information on how-to sign-up visit,

Chef Daniel Cox can be found at

All proceeds will be directly given to youth in your community. more information on the Jody Alise Foundation visit,

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