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Montana Ag Network: Kyle Shobe, a western voice from Lewistown

A man of many hats
Posted at 10:38 PM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 18:22:36-04

Kyle Shobe wears many hats. Cowboy hats, in fact. The multitalented Lewistown native uses his talent to support his family and community. While at the same time, sharing the story of the western way of life.

He and his family own Shobe Auction and Realty in Lewistown. Shobe's rhythmic auctioneer chant is well known across the countryside. At a young age, he knew he found his spot behind the microphone.

“As a young kid auctioneering, I learned how to read people, how to read a crowd and how to engage a crowd,” Shobe explained. “I always kind of knew that's where my heart was.”

His years of hard work as an auctioneer paid off in 2010 when he was crowned the World Champion Livestock Auctioneer. His talent on the auction block also provided a foundation for other careers.

Shobe started announcing high school and armature rodeos at a young age as well. After years of work in the crow's nest of the rodeo arena, he earned his Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association card and become a pro rodeo announcer.

Rodeo fans across Montana and the West have heard his voice narrate rodeos and share the history of the sport. Shobe was honored to find himself every July at the Daddy of ‘em all, Cheyenne Frontier Days. For Shobe, rodeo announcing is all about sharing the story of the west.

“Rodeo showcases so many different talents and skills of a working cowboy,” said Shobe. “To tell those stories and hopefully make a connection with... others about what we do out here on this land that many people don't see. I guess it's a mantle I feel that we kind of carry as the next generation.”

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Kyle Shobe

Kyle's number one job is being a dad, but he does find time to pick his guitar and sing with the Kyle Shobe and the Walk 'Em Boys band. The band plays all over the state and region. Playing country western music for adoring crowds.

Shobe recently traveled to Nashville to record his latest album, "Long Overdue." A project dedicated to small town life.

“I remember going to the small community halls around here and they're scattered all over Montana,” Shobe said with a grin. “You still see them. I'll be they're not being used very much anymore except for maybe a special event here there. That's what I remember growing up. It was a community feel. It was was more about not so much the music or the dance. It was about being together with people. As time has progressed things changed right wrong or indifferent things have changed. They're not like they were 30, 40, 50 years ago.”

Remembering the history of small towns across the state, Shobe's original songs pay tribute to small town life.

“My focus with this with this group the Walk 'Em Boys was to keep a little of that dance hall spirit alive,” Shobe said. “To teach young kids how to two-step again. We hope that some of this music you can dance to. That's what we thrive on is playing dances playing community events. We don't play anything regular. A lot of cattlemen's balls and a lot fun venues. That's our gig. That's what we enjoy doing."

Kyle Shobe’s official album release party will take place Friday, Aug. 30 at the Central Feed Grilling Company in Lewistown. For more visit .