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Montana Grain Growers Convention underway in Great Falls

The Montana Grain Growers Convention & Trade Show in Great Falls (November 30, 2022)
Posted at 4:49 PM, Nov 30, 2022

The Montana Grain Growers Convention & Trade Show is underway at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls, with hundreds of attendees from just about every sector of the industry. Among the topics they are discussing are crop rotations, technology, crop insurance, and research.

This year, the attendance number reached an all-time high with an estimated 1,000 producers thanks to the triple collaboration between the MGGA, the PNW Canola Association, and the Northern Pulse Growers association (NPGA)

“We thought, why not team up together, team up our resources? We all have a lot of the same similar growers, so we thought we'd get together and put on one great convention,” said Erin Becker, marketing and communications specialist for the NPGA.

President of the MGGA Treg Kock explained the importance of the convention, adding that its networking in action. “Networking is key. This is how your voice as a producer out on the farm gets to be heard. So that's what this is for, so that people can come down, collaborate with other farmers in their area or other parts of the area or the state to see how things are going.”

Booths lined the walkways in the Trade Show area, highlighting producers and growers in just about every division of the Montana production world.

“Whether it's the state of Montana on research, maybe you're wondering about a new variety of spring wheat to plant this year or maybe a new variety of barley. So you have every connection here possible to help your operation be profitable and moving forward into the future,” explained Koch.

Karen Sowers, the Director of the PNW Canola Association added the whole theme of this convention is brighter days.

She went on to explain that it’s crucial for producers to be able to ask questions and get the answers and support they need to remain successful, especially as a new season begins.

“I think it's great for all of anybody here to talk to anybody else, whether that's a grower or industry member or whatever, that you're not alone. And whatever's happening, whether it's good or bad, you can share those experiences. And I think that's what's a huge advantage to come coming to events like this.”