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Ranch family donates brand to Stockgrowers Foundation

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Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 20:31:51-04

HOBSON — Livestock Brands are an important part of Montana’s history and still play an important role in ranching and animal tractability to this day. But not all brands are created equal in their ease of use and creativity.

Rancher Ed Lord has been a member of the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) for more than 60 years. Serving as MSGA’s President in the early 1990’s, Lord has been actively involved in leadership on the state and national level working to better the livestock industry and to promote beef.

Lord has made the decision to invest into future generations of agricultural leaders and promote Montana’s livestock industry by helping raise funds for the Montana Stockgrowers Foundation. He and his family are doing this by donating a brand. The C Hanging U brand.

“Dad bought that brand in 1938,” Ed Lord recalled. “Our original ranch was at Shonkin, Montana.”

In 1949 the C hanging U brand and the Lord Family moved from Chouteau County to a spread near Phillipsburg. There, Ed and Connie Lord ranched for close to 50 years.

They then sold the Phillipsburg ranch in 2007 and purchased their current operation south of Hobson. All the while, the brand stayed in the family.

“This is a single iron brand, the "C" and the "U" are connected together,” Lord explained. “You just put it on one time. It looks nice. It’s clean. It doesn't ever blot. Those kinds of brands are really hard to get a hold of.”

Ranch family donates brand to Stockgrowers Foundation

Ed wants the unique brands legacy to continue on for someone else in the cattle business.

“I just want somebody that really wants it and can use it. I decided that this was probably about the best thing we could do with it.”

So how does one have a chance to buy the livestock brand? Through an online-only auction, the 501c3 Montana Stockgrowers Foundation is currently accepting online bids through November 17th on the brand.

All the proceeds will be used to ensure the future of Montana's cattle industry through producer and public education.

Lord knew this was the best way he could support the foundation and ensure that C hanging U brand is put to good use.

“The brand has been around a while so the that's a couple of reasons that I'd like to see somebody get it that appreciates it,” Lord said with a smile. “But more importantly, I felt that it would be a good way to benefit the Montana Stockgrowers Foundation.”

The online auction for the C hanging U brand will conclude on November 17, 2021, during the Stockgrowers Convention. Visit to bid online.