Montana couple shares behind the scenes of their book "Most Trouts Don't Read" and "Marmot Babies"

"Seeing Things" presentation
Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 28, 2024

HELENA — Montana is home to some beautiful landscapes and wildlife, and two people who are no strangers to this are married couple Lea Frye and Scot Bealer.

Scot Bealer presenting

Frye is a wildlife photographer, and Bealer is a writer and former fly-fishing guide.

They gave a presentation called “Seeing Things” on Thursday evening at Montana Wild.

People listening to the presentation

Based on their published works, “Most Trouts Don’t Read” and “Marmot Babies,” the pair shared photography and stories from the field.

Bealer and Frye's books

“Seeing wildlife, seeing fish drives us. That is our adrenaline rush. From a wolverine to the little fawns behind our house to birds feeding their babies, we love nature [and] wild animals do their things,” said Bealer.

Both books are available on Amazon and at local retailers, such as Last Chance Bookstore, the Montana Historical Society Store, and Van’s Thriftway.