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Anaconda's new hotel expected to be ready by June

Posted at 8:34 AM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-16 11:30:59-05

ANACONDA — Construction on Anaconda’s new $10 million hotel ran into some delays brought on by the pandemic, but the city is confident it will be ready by this summer.

“We started off about a month and a half behind, but due to the weather, we’ve been able to catch up. We’re right on track right now,” said Anaconda Chief Executive Bill Everett.

The ground was broken on the project back in October in a deal by the EPA-led consent decrease reached with the Atlantic Richfield Co. to help pay for the project. The 88-room hotel is expected to help a community that lacks accommodations for tourists visiting the city.

HOTEL .jpg

“Unfortunately, when the day’s over, people must retreat to a different community, so we lose that economic value, so by having them in the community, hopefully, they’ll be able to put more of an impact on us dollar-wise,” said Everett.

A 180 space RV park is also being built across the road from the hotel to give travelers a place to stay while visiting Anaconda’s Old Works Golf Course, festivals, and outdoor activities.

“Also with a guest facility with showers, laundry all those kinds of amenities, as well as roughly 14 cabins that people will be able to rent there,” said Everett.

The chief executive is hopeful the coronavirus will not threaten this summer tourism industry, so the Smelter City can benefit from these projects.

“I’m hopeful that the corona thing will hopefully we’ll have it under control by then so we can enjoy all these amenities that we’re adding,” he said.

The hotel is expected to be open by June 1st.