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Butte Historical Memorial's miniseries coming to an end

Featured voice talents of Butte community members
Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 13:01:08-05

BUTTE — The first episode of Butte Historical Memorial’s miniseries Living History: A Community Left Behind aired on the 126th anniversary of the Great Butte Warehouse Explosion.

The miniseries featured the voice talents of Butte community members telling the tale of 10 victims, the surviving fire horse, and Fireman William Copeland's faithful dog.

Lindsay Mulchay, Vice Chairwoman of Butte Historical Memorials, said that the reception to the miniseries has been absolutely wonderful.

"Whether it’s virtual comments or people actually calling us up and letting us know what they think of it, it’s really great to hear that response to it and we’re hoping since this went so well, we're hoping that possibly that we might extend it in future years," said Mulchay.

Butte Historical Memorial’s decided to focus on this particular event because no one knew much about it.

"Basically when the Montana history student’s grabbed our attention and said there’s no memory of this disaster in Butte’s overall history, so many people don’t know about it, and they grabbed our attention seven years ago now and we formed our non-profit and decided that this wasn’t right, there was no memory of them so we started working towards our memorial," said Mulchay.

Butte Warehouse Explosion Memorial

The memorial, which will be housed at the fire station, will hopefully be done by Summer. While there are no plans right now to focus on other parts of Butte history in a miniseries format, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t projects in the works.

"We are looking forward to future projects, but as of right now we’re just focusing on this particular disaster," said Mulchay.

Butte Historical Memorials Inc releasing miniseries to commemorate 126th anniversary of Butte explosion