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Butte's new clubhouse at Stodden Park is not just for golfers

Posted at 11:20 AM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 13:20:00-05

BUTTE — Butte is getting ready to tee off its new clubhouse at its municipal golf course at Stodden Park.

The new facility is more than just a hangout for local duffers.

“This is going to serve just the golfing members, but the whole community. They’re all welcome down here,” said Bob Lazzari with Butte Parks and Recreation.

The clubhouse was built as part of $4.5 million improvements to the golf course provide by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and Montana Resources. It’s named after the late Jack Crowley.

“He was a golf pro for a long time here, he’s taught a bunch of kids in Butte how to golf and so it’s named after him. We’ll do a dedication with his whole family,” said Lazzari.

The clubhouse includes a pro shop, dining area and a full kitchen.

“There’s a full restaurant, we plan on leasing out the restaurant to an operator, so it’s going to be a great hangout for everyone in Butte,” said Lazzari.

On a snowy winter day like we're having in Butte, it’s not great golfing weather, but here at this new clubhouse, it doesn’t matter because you can golf indoors with this new golf simulator. Just get in there, line up your shot. Right down the fairway.

“There are between 200 and 300 courses on there, around the United State it looks like. Those we’ll rent out by the hour and we expect a bunch of play on them,” said Lazzari.

The clubhouse is expected to be open by this spring.