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Clancy recovery and rehab center expands

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Posted at 11:08 AM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 15:06:49-04

CLANCY — The Hope Center in Clancy has served more than 60 women since it first opened in April 2020, and now it is seeking to expand to serve more in its rehabilitation center.

“Hope Center is a wonderful program. It just changed my life has changed my family life and hope is probably the biggest thing that you could give people that are in the depths of addiction,” said Kimberly Smith a Hope Center two-time graduate of the year-long recovery program.

Smith used her relapse to continue to help others in the program to continue sobriety.

“Falling didn't mean failure that you just have to get back up and try again,” said Smith.

Another graduate, Laura Pickett says she know knows what makes her life worth living.

“I now have a reason to wake up every day when before I was just completely hopeless, so it gave me hope,” said Pickett.

The Hope Center is a three-phase program and the center encourages the women to stay once they graduate to help other women in the phases by becoming an intern. Now the internship program has grown, the center needs more space.

“We needed another place for them to reside comfortably here and still be incorporated in the program, but separate,” said Carolyn Belling, the Hope Center's Director.

Belling says that seeing the women graduate and continue to help others is what the center is about community.

“Each one of them is just so close to my heart you know; I consider that my friends I'm super proud of them and that's the best part that's why we do what we do,” said Belling.

And for those struggling with addiction;

“Do not give up, there is somebody out there that needs you that needs you to get this right,"said Smith.

“There is hope, and even when it feels like there isn't, just never give up,” said Pickett.

The Hope Center is holding its night of Hope Gala on November 11 at 5:30 at the Civic Center.