FWP votes on proposed changes to wolf management

Posted at 11:07 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 20:20:12-04

The always hot topic of wolf management was on the docket Thursday at the Fish, Wildlife and Parks commission meeting in Helena.

The issues this time around were the possibility of increasing the harvest quota from one to two wolves in hunting units 313 and 312 south of Bozeman.

Extending the hunting season to begin August 15th and end March 31, along with extending the trapping season to end March 15th in Region 1 in the northwest part of the state.

They commission also discussed the proposal to increasing the individual harvest limit from five wolves per person to 10 per person in Region 1.

The proposed changes brought out enough people on both sides of the isses to pack the conference room at FWP headquarters.

With some of them coming from as far away as Arizona to share their views for and against the the changes.

After a long public discussion, including public comment via video conference from other FWP offices around the state, the commission voted to not accept the proposed changes.

Keeping the quota at one, the limits to 5 per person, the hunting season to September 15th through March 15th and the trapping season to remain from December 15th to February 29th in Region 1.