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More than 100 people gather for apparent John Mayer concert hoax at Bozeman's Cooper Park

The “Pray For Snow Wonderland Show” didn't happen as the event was an apparent hoax that spread on social media.
Posted at 8:30 PM, Jan 25, 2024

BOZEMAN — More than 100 people showed up at Bozeman's Cooper Park on Thursday, hoping to catch a pop-up concert by acclaimed singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Mayer. The event was promoted on a social media event page—and was apparently a hoax.

"So I saw this on 'The Real Ask Bozeman' Facebook page and thought that I had the exclusive thing," explained Bozeman local Shawn Graves.

"I've heard he does these pop-ups. This is a weird place to do it, so we might just all be catfished," laughed another bystander, Heather Cashman. "I think it's fun. I think it's fun to just see people gathering and it also shows the power of social media."

"I think it's at the very least a nice little community gathering, people get to say hi to each other," Graves said.

Mayer is a Paradise Valley resident, and some bystanders claimed to have seen the artist at a local Bozeman cafe where the event was allegedly conceived.

But despite the large sunny afternoon turnout, the event is being labeled a hoax.

Some residents even stepped in to play music for the large crowd that had gathered.