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Thompson Falls women create human kindness kits for those exploited

Human Kindness Kits
Posted at 11:53 AM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 13:53:17-05

THOMPSON FALLS — Two women in Thompson Falls are working to help survivors of human trafficking heal from their experience by teaming up with an organization that's dedicated to rescuing victims of the crisis.

“I don’t think people realize -- or at least I didn’t -- until two years ago. You think it's just in these other countries it's not affecting us here -- and you know especially where we live in Montana. But it is it's prevalent here," said Heidi Carter who joined Rebecca Scogin in creating human kindness kits.

The Lifeguard Group will give the kits to women, and children that have escaped human trafficking to have something for themselves, to make them feel better and to feel hopeful.

Carter and Scogin do need funds to give out 3,000 kits to those in Montana who have managed to escape exploitation, and the pair is looking for people to sponsor the kits. For $18 you can give someone who had been beaten and bruised a gift for themselves.

The kits contain body lotions, body wash, and a healing cream for scrapes and bruises. Scogin says being educated about the exploitation of those around us can help those in need.

“Being aware of the problem isn’t enough anymore, it is time we learn about it and we just gain some knowledge and maybe you know who are we passing on the streets that may be a victim," said Scogin.

So far Carter and Scogin have 700 kits already put together, to donate or sponsor kits you can contact Scogin and Carter at their email addresses, or