Montanans factoring rising gas prices for summer plans

Posted at 4:59 PM, May 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 10:40:44-04

HELENA — With gas prices continuing to rise, many people are already dialing back plans for summer travel.

“But we're definitely thinking about cutting back or at least staying in state rather than looking at going to the coast or something like that,” says Stefan Wall in downtown Helena.

Wall says that filling up his gas tank has an effect on his budget and may very well prevent adventures this summer.

With average national gas prices hitting $3 for regular gas at this time last year, filling a Ford F-150 with a 26-gallon tank would cost about $78. Filling that same tank, a year later would cost you over $114.

But living in Montana, finding alternatives to transportation by car can be difficult.

“You know you live in Montana. There aren't a lot of options with public transportation or even carpooling necessarily. So, we kind of grin and bear it.” says Wall.

Because of high gas prices, some hobbies may not get as much attention as they did in previous years. For example, Anthony Cacace participates in stock car racing. With no track in Helena, he has to drive out of town if he wants to enjoy his sport.

“It will definitely increase the costs, you know, just to get to and from the dirt tracks. But, you know, that's, it's a hobby so if I have to cut it out I can no problem with that,” says Cacace.

And Nick Gevock says that new ways of getting around might be necessary during this time.

“Carpool, drive less, ride your bike to work. I mean, do what it takes,” says Gevock.