MT Vet Program hosts 'Knuckle Buster' at Showdown

MT Vet Program hosts 'Knuckle Buster' at Showdown
MT Vet Program hosts 'Knuckle Buster' at Showdown
Posted at 10:12 AM, Jul 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-17 12:12:44-04

SHOWDOWN — Since 2018, the Knuckle Buster Obstacle Course hosted by MT Vet Program has taken place across the rugged terrain of Showdown mountain.

The course consisting of over three miles of trail running, 15+ obstacles and an elevation gain of 1,000 feet, is no joke.

“The idea is to to push some suffering. But from that suffering comes a camaraderie. Get guys and gals out here just pushing their limits, you know, making themselves better,” says Executive Director of the MT Vet Program, Luke Urick.

The MT Vet Program was founded as a way to facilitate healing and growth for former service-members who may feel that they’ve lost a core part of their identity after leaving the military. Their slogan “Suffer Well” encapsulates their process.

“We've been taking groups of veterans into the backcountry areas of Montana in order to promote healing through camaraderie, physical activity, tough minded healing, and help them realize that they're still badasses and that they can keep pushing,” says Urick.

Volunteers have been laboring through the hot summer days for the past week, getting the course prepared.

“The experience with the team that I've seen up here is just a really positive can do attitude. Everyone's ready to help out, jump in where they can, and do whatever they can do to help kick this event off as a success,” says volunteer and former participant, Seth Miller.

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