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A look at how long politicians have to remove their signs

Election 2022-New Mexico
Posted at 9:17 PM, Nov 11, 2022

The 2022 election is over and the political commercials are already off the air, but what about all the political signs?

Val Romero, ran this year for Tucson Unified School District's Board. Romero says he's been removing his signs since Thursday.

"So we took a couple of days. I actually have a couple of volunteers. Someone dropped off some signs in my shop yesterday. I'm out on the west side today taking down my signs in this area. We have other volunteers that are going out this weekend," Romero said. "So my plan is by next weekend to be done with all our signs...because we have 15 days after election to get those things down."

Romero says he won't be throwing them away but keeping them for any future elections he might decide to run in.

"Actually, I use these ones for recycle. I ran for city council last year," Romero said. "So I was able to put stickers on my old signs, put TUSD on it. So for me I save my signs because you never know when you can recycle because they're not an in-expensive expense."

Each city and town has its own sign ordinance stating just how long political campaign signage can remain on street corners and along roadways.

"If they do leave their signs up the town then can come in...once it's passed 15 days, remove the signs," David Udall, Marana Town Clerk said. "Give them a call and say hey, you know we've got your signs here. Come pick them up."

Along with the town of Marana, Tucson also requires political signs be removed 15 days after an election. If they aren't removed, the city or town will collect them and then call a candidate to pick them up.

This story was originally published by Denelle Confair of KGUN in Tucson, Arizona.